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CloudMonarch offers a bespoke, cost effective software development service which allows companies to redefine how they generate and interpret their information and, as a result, how they define their businesses.

Cloud Services

Cloud services represent the most efficient way in which companies manage and pool their computing resources. CloudMonarch can offer a wide range of cloud solutions to help make your business become leaner and more flexible.

Competitively Priced

Our unique development process enables us to get products to market as effectively and as cost efficiently as possible,which translates into price savings for customers.

Client Orientated

We tailor bespoke software products and cloud services to meet clients’ exacting requirements and provide 24/7 support throughout the development process.


Creative Thinking, Cost Effective Solutions

CloudMonarch are a software development company that specialises in providing cost effective but highly bespoke software solutions. Based in London, with a presence in the UK and Ireland, we twin a client-centric customer service with the expertise of a team of highly-skilled developers who have been building software applications for more than 20 years. We have partnered with a team of engineers who have built customised applications – web, non-web and mobile apps – for a range of clients of all sizes, from SME’s and start up’s to national and international brands, including the NHS, HTC, G4S, Shell, Total and Lloyd’s Register.See More

  • 81% of business executives believe mobile apps are key to unlocking vital data from across their businesses
  • 84% of UK firms use at least one cloud-based service in 2015
  • 64% of SME's are using cloud-based software applications

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