May 11, 2016

Development of an e-trading platform.

Development of an e-trading platform that allowed clients to purchase a PI insurance policy online. An aesthetic and user-friendly front-end portal enabled completion of an online proposal form, which was tailored depending on the answers being entered, and submission online. The software linked to a separate underwriting model which processed the input data, generated a quote, and emailed it to the insured. The system ensured that those insured falling outside of the underwriting criteria couldn’t be bound online without human intervention. A Document Management module then sends a full policy wording and invoice to the client along with a pre-configured email template. The system allows for on-going usage, working as a dedicated customer portal for clients to access and view their policy details, and for the production of advanced BI analytics.

Development of mobile based applications.

Creation of a mobile-app-based room booking system, rolled out company-wide. Users can use smart phones or wall-mounted tablets to book rooms and add attendees, which links directly to Microsoft Exchange, meaning employee and room calendars on Microsoft Outlook were updated in real-time.

Reverse-engineered a defunct system.

Reverse-engineered a defunct system that a company used to produce its client money calculations, and improved the process by incorporating drill-down options and additional reports, enabling the business to be capable of identifying the composition of any one client money calculation on an individual, line-by-line basis.

Multi level and Multi functional Database.

Creation of a multi-level and multi-function database for a financial services companythat consolidated three systems being used in tandem for different purposes. Functionality included: a fully customised reporting suite, fronted by a web-based dashboard, provided multi-user access to a range of tailored MI reports; a CRM system that analysed useful prospect data and to gauge success of marketing strategies; credit control system.