May 10, 2016

Cloud services represent the most efficient way in which companies manage and pool their computing resources. CloudMonarch can offer a wide range of cloud solutions to help make your business become leaner and more flexible. By partnering with leading suppliers of cloud technology and services, CloudMonarch are able to offer world class and highly secure cloud infrastructure, alongside 24/7 support. With our origins in software development, many returning clients have often requested additional support and guidance as they have borne witness to the growth of cloud computing. The advent of cloud computing is something of a generational ‘game-changer’ in the way companies run their businesses, particularly for start-ups and SME’s. As a result, we have partnered with some of the best Managed Cloud experts to provide you with a full suite of the main cloud-based services that clients have typically needed.

Data backup

Ensuring your whole IT infrastructure is protected from the very real risks of system down-time or data loss. In the event of a critical failure, data restoration can be performed onto any machine, and an entire system can be restored to any hardware, all under industry standard encryption. Clients can restore an entire replica of how a system was pre-incident.

Hosted Desktop

Hosted Desktop provides a virtual portal right onto your own computer’s desktop – a portal you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. Provided via the cloud, you’ll see your own virtual desktop and have access to all your business data and applications, just as you would if you were in the office – and this can be accessed on any device, including smartphones and tablets. Crucially, this service is hosted securely on our partner’s Tier 3+ UK data centres. Enabling hosted desktops in this way centralises and standardises your desktop infrastructure, thereby providing a consist and familiar theme for all users, across all company devices, and have an element of centralised control over which software and applications each user can access.

Email encryption and archiving

Working as an add-on to Hosted Exchange of Office 365, it enhances existing email services by allowing large file transfers, real-time message tracking and enhances workflow and security. You can obtain real-time information on whether emails have been received and read, and you can fully recall an email after it has been sent and opened by the recipient. It also actively helps to prevent information breaches and performs keyword scanning, working alongside existing data leak prevention engines. Our email archiving solutions offer the most comprehensive cloud-based email security on the market. With our product, you get uninterrupted access to archived emails, allowing you to free up valuable space on existing servers, whilst also benefiting from anti-spam and anti-virus protection.

Email hosting

Hosting emails in a cloud reduces the need to make costly capital spends on IT hardware and provides total flexibility and accessibility by allowing you to access your emails from anywhere in the world, from any device. Once again, security is at the heart of our cloud offerings –our Email hosting partner is fully ISO27001 accredited, ensuring your data is protected and secure.

Call Analytics

We have teamed up with a leader in the field of call tracking and analytics, allowing you to understand, in an easy-to-use solution, the effectiveness of your advertising and call handing operations. It allows you to track the success of marketing campaigns, analyse where calls originate from and make the necessary and relevant business decisions, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency of your marketing spend. All of our cloud services can be combined and complemented in the way you see fit. Of course, our cloud experts are on hand to offer advice and guidance on how you might implement cloud technology into your business and how our solutions can best suit your business requirements.


Reliability of having off-site, readily available backups of all your data. In an age where cyber security affects all types and sizes of companies, aswell as more traditional, physical risks or for a workplace, disaster recovery and backup is more important than ever. If your existing infrastructure fails, hosted applications and services can ensure your business continues to function

Cost effective alternative for companies managing their cash flow, as they don’t have to make large capital outlays to purchase IT hardware, or take up valuable and costly storage on servers by hosting data on the cloud

Flexibility and scalability as your business changes. Rather than being tied-down to existing infrastructure limitations, it’s easy to scale up cloud computing power as and when it’s needed

Accessibility for staff and management who can log in securely from anywhere where there is an internet connection

Security through centralising data with a cloud expert. Security will often by tighter in the hands of an expert, rather than with the customer. Their focus is on ensuring data is secure and solving on-going security issues as they develop and change over time – something that customers don’t have the time or the resources to do themselves. As well as monitoring clients’ infrastructure and keeping data safe, our partners are on hand to provide 24/7 solutions and expert advice to keep your IT infrastructure working efficiently

Comfort of knowing that if your IT systems go down, you have the support of experts on hand 24/7, rather than have to take up your own time trying to resolve the issue, leaving you to focus on your core business.