May 10, 2016

CloudMonarch offers a bespoke, cost effective software development service which allows companies to redefine how they generate and interpret their information and, as a result, how they define their businesses. Our Engineers have been developing software for more than two decades. To your specific guidelines, we will build your customised software from the ground-up, with our UK-based customer support team there at every step of the way to ensure a smooth process right up to project completion and beyond. We are also on hand to provide training and support through the transition period.

Web applications

By blending our unique software development skills with our cloud service expertise, we can help develop your IT solutions and deliver them in an easy-to-use web-based format. This increasingly-popular method negates the need to install software on specific computers. By keeping it ‘web-based’ this vastly improves its accessibility, flexibility and performance. Crucially, our software solutions are developed with a secure online network in mind.

Mobile applications

For those companies who value on-the-go, real-time information, we build customised mobile apps for smart phones and tablets. We pride ourselves on the build quality and user-friendliness of our mobile apps, for we appreciate the importance of being able to access or recall information at the swipe of a thumb. For apps that input data, we can build web-based applications that support and process that information for the staff back at HQ, such as Management teams, who can use the MI for decision-making.

Application development

Designed for those of our clients who prefer ‘non-web-based’ software, our engineers continue to develop desktop application software for installation and use on a specific pc or mac. The clear advantage of these types of software products are that they can be used without internet connection. But, of course, they lack all the benefits that come with a web-based application!


Enterprise resource planning software

CloudMonarch’s Engineer partners have been developing bespoke ERP software for years, helping customers manage and integrate their various business functions. By pooling resources and information from various office functions and sources, customised ERP systems can aid the data sharing across a number of areas – reducing the margin for human error, and centralising processes, thereby saving time and money. Off-the-shelf ERP systems, by their very nature, will be standardised systems which may ‘straight-jacket’ your unique processes and needs. Cloud Monarch’s bespoke ERP packages can provide you with greater flexibility, and our proposals are very competitively priced.

Customer relationship management software

CRM software that is tailored to your needs has the ability to revolutionise the way you manage and use your client and prospect data. They say information is power, but to get there you have to analyse and manipulate it, and present it in the right way. That is why we work with you to establish what information is important to you and how you want it presented on your bespoke dashboard overviews, which will be tailored to highlight the particular data and KPI’s that are important to you, and enable you to act on that information.bestgrammarchecker